Frequently Asked Question

From the Academic year 2021-2022

All Educational Institutions providing Education from pre-primary to Class XII, except a) Government and provincialized Schools/colleges b) Educational Institutions setup for the benefit of Minority c) Stand alone Pre-primary school, provided it is not tagged or linked with any other educational institutions.


Fee means fee collected by an Educational Institution in a year, by whatever name.

Yes, it should be known to each parent and Guardian

The Educational Institution has to apply through Website by two steps, In first step the Institution has to register their name with the fee Regulatory Committee and has to upload an affidavit in prescribed format After acceptance of the application the Committee will issue the Exemption Certificate online only for downloading of the same .

All the prescribed forms contained in the Rules and are available on the web Site of the Fee Regulatory Committee .

Yes , maximum for a period of three years at a time .

Yes . a) For Obtaining Exemption Certificate – Rs 1000/ b) For fixation of fee or fee structure -Rs 5000/ c) For revision Rs 10000/

The penal provisions are contained in the section 15 of the Assam Non-Government Educational Institutions ( Regulation of Fees ) Act 2018

Yes the Institutions can file a revision petition before the Fee Revision Committee under Section 13 of the Assam Non-Government Educational Institutions ( Regulation of Fees ) Act 2018

Yes. If the Fee regulatory Authority has a reason to believe that the Institution has charged fee in excess of the exemption limit .

Yes , if the school has collected more than the fee determined by the Fee Regulatory committee .

Details of the bank accounts are to be maintained in accordance to Rule 14 of "THE ASSAM NON-GOVERNMENT EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (REGULATION OF FEES) RULES, 2020"